Top TripAdvisor Activities in San Francisco for 2023

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Salutations and welcomed to the top Tripadvisor activities in San Francisco, Internet Stranger. On this blog, I feature my favorite hidden treasures in cities on occasion. the hidden, off-the-beaten-path locations that are exclusive to locals.

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1. How Do I Stay?
2 AM: Tour of the Painted Ladies
Three P.M.: Fisherman’s Wharf
4. Dinner at Californios in the evening

Five Shopping List

However, today is not that day! We’re going to ride the cutest bus in the world to some of the most well-known landmarks in San Francisco on this day that features the greatest Tripadvisor stuff to do about San Francisco.

Have you heard of the Ladies in Pain? Ashbury and Haight? Bridge across the Golden Gate? The Wharf for Fishermen? You have, of course, since everyone has. And now they will also be seen by us! Just keep going!

Stella’s Top 3 Picks for the Best San Francisco Activities on Tripadvisor

San Francisco activities rated on Tripadvisor

How Do I Stay?

In San Francisco, location is crucial. For this reason, I suggest staying at the Archer Hotel for your final night among the top Tripadvisor activities in San Francisco. It has wifi for free, coffee machines, a free shuttle to the airport, and is conveniently close to Union Square, making it easy to ride the train or walk to the beginning of the greatest Tripadvisor stuff to see in San Francisco. It also has the potential to be haunted! What more might you ask for?

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When looking for the most convenient and reasonably priced hotel for your day of top San Francisco activities, our search engine might be of great assistance. You can choose from hundreds of possibilities, so I’m sure you’ll find something that works with your budget and schedule.

Things to see and do in San Francisco Morning on Tripadvisor: Painted Ladies Tour
Beautiful Victorian-style homes known as The Painting Ladies are exclusive to San Francisco. Definitely, afterwards the tour of the top San Francisco attractions according to TripAdvisor, we’ll run into them. However, I think the reference to the Virginia bug vans that this driving excursion firm uses to chauffeur its passengers around is made by the term “Painted Ladies.”

That’s correct, you may enjoy the unique experience of touring San Francisco in a cute, multicolored van with eyelashes pasted to its headlights if you reserve this trip, which is among the top things to do is San Francisco according to Tripadvisor. (Every van has its own name; Daisy is the name of our yellow van.) As you pass, San Franciscans will wave and smile at you. It’s also the greatest method to visit some of the more remote attractions in San Francisco.

About the Top 5 things to perform in San Francisco according to TripAdvisor

San Francisco activities rated on Tripadvisor
Lombard Street, first
Because Lombard Street is so crooked, it is the most recognized street in the entire city of San Francisco. This is because driving straight down the street was risky due to its extreme steepness caused by San Francisco’s hills. I’ve previously driven by Lombard Street, but walking is less enjoyable due to the straight way. You must be on a car in order to do the turns.

Luckily, Daisy was an expert at handling those gentle curves. It resembled being on a sluggish roller coaster. The finest aspect, though, had to be all the onlookers who stood close by and shouted their love for Daisy. For a fleeting instant, we had the impression of being famous.

Activities in San Francisco that TripAdvisor recommends 2) You Can’t Fight City Hall
California’s capital city is Sacramento, which I have never seen; San Francisco is not it. However, Mayor Londoners Breed works out of San Francisco’s city hall, which is this gorgeous building I captured in my picture. A city with as much beauty as San Francisco would naturally have a magnificent City Hall.

However, there’s more significance to this City Hall if you enjoy old movies. It is the location of the marriage between movie star Marilyn Monroe and baseball great Joe DiMaggio. (They didn’t get married within a church, partly due to DiMaggio’s divorce, but they did pose for pictures outside a Catholic church in San Francisco.)

San Francisco activities rated on Tripadvisor
Lastly, Haight-Ashbury
There are several different districts in San Francisco, and one of the most well-known is Haight-Ashbury, which was once home to many hippies. I didn’t know why Haight-Ashbury was named that until I went on the Painted Ladies tour. My picture up top has the clue. Recognize it?

That’s accurate! We are at the junction of Ashbury and Haight. That makes perfect sense as the origin of the neighborhood’s name. Who knew that hippies may be so sensible?

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