Unsafe Travels Main Quest Guide for Diablo 4

The location of the Unsafe Travels Main Quest inside the d4 unsafe travels zone, quest objectives, maps, tactics, advice, and, if relevant, details on prerequisites and related missions are all included in this Diablo 4 guide. Side quests yield scaled amounts of experience and gold, as well as +30 zone fame. Please refer to our guides for a comprehensive list of all side missions in d4 unsafe travels and all other zones:

Quick Facts About Unsafe Travels in Diablo 4


Found in: Kehjistan, Amber Sands, Tar Pits
Begin the Quest: Majhoob
Final Goal: Majhoob

The Goals of Unsafe Travels

Mahjoob, a Kehjistani guide, requires a Ghost Palm Flower to heal himself after becoming poisoned.

Step 1 of the Unsafe Travels Walkthrough: Look for a Ghost Palm

You will need to d4 unsafe travels in order to reach the Ghost Palm, which is situated to the west of where you are right now. Between you as well as the flower, there are some zombies, but they’re easily defeated.

Collect a Ghost Palms Flower in Step Two

Click the Ghost Palm when you get there to select a

Step 3: Consult with Mahjoob

Give the flower to Mahjoob after making the short trip back to him. He assures you that this will help him recover and that he will be returning back to Tarsarak. Everything will work out just great, or will it?

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