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Greens are nutrient-dense superstars with well-established health benefits when consumed regularly. Numerous studies have indicated that eating greens every day can help the body age more slowly by slowing down the process of cell oxidation. Rich in essential vitamins, leafy greens like kale, spinach, and broccoli can enhance the durability of bones as we age, improve blood flow, and strengthen our hearts.

For those with hectic schedules, consuming a couple of cups of green leafy  steve harvey health drink vegetables daily can be challenging. For this reason, Steve Harvey created L’Evate You!
And the greens game has really transformed thanks to this new innovation! In this market, Steve Harvey’s L’Evate You brand is already well-known for providing cutting-edge powdered greens that are ready to eat. With over 30 vitamins and 9 organic greens, it’s not only incredibly nutrient-dense but also helps you boost your energy and general wellness with its potent, unique M-charge complex, which targets cellular health.

It also excels greatly in terms of flavour and texture. It lacks the characteristic grassy taste, gritty texture, and green aroma of so many green vegetables on the market. This green powder actually comes in three delectable flavours! A rich, tart cherry, silky chocolate, and without flavour so you may customise it however you choose!

L’Evate You provides all your body needs from leafy greens, plus a lot more! It’s the perfect way to start the day off healthy! L’Evate You has several health advantages, including enhancing your feeling of vitality throughout the day, assisting with digestion, encouraging heart health, and enhancing your endurance and stamina for sports

These are only some of the factors that make L’Evate You the greatest option among the green powders on the market at the moment.

M-charge: A novel compound that awakens your cells’ energy centres. MLG-50® Fulvic Acid, ElevATP, beetroot, and PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) are all components of M-charge, a cellular energizer complex. It helps increase energy, which improves athletic performance, and it’s a wonderful approach to assist the growth of lean muscle. Its components, which have scientific backing, revitalise your body’s cells to preserve general health.

Thirty Superfoods: Every portion contains more than thirty superfoods that offer daily energy and nourishment to the body as a whole.

Mushroom Blend: Extracts from chaga, cordyceps, reishi, and lion’s mane mushrooms are used in this blend.

Vegan-friendly: Made entirely of natural, plant-based  steve harvey health drink components, the powder complies with vegan guidelines.

. encourages ageing healthily
. supports the performance of athletes
. aids in promoting healthy cholesterol levels and supports metabolism
. beneficial assistance for gastrointestinal, muscular, and cardiac health
. promotes intestinal health
. supports the growth of lean muscle
. Helps deliver energy throughout the week Promotes our body’s mitochondrial production
. Promotes a healthier gut environment Promotes bacterial biodiversity Helps reduce GI pain

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