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OVER 50 Great BIRTHDAY Rose flowers birth month tattoos

For almost 200 years, birth flowers have been associated with certain meanings. People’s desire to ink their tattoos with additional significance naturally leads to the appearance of them in tattoos.

Numerous connotations are associated with flowers, depending on the type of flower, plant, color, etc. Particularly symbolic of June birthdays, roses have several meanings. For example, red roses are frequently thought to represent one among the purest forms of true love, while yellow roses represent true friendship.

Therefore, it makes sense that the flowers became associated with particular months in order to represent them. Birth flowers are matched to months and associated with particular qualities and personality traits, much like Zodiac signs.

Many people wear the designated flower and gemstone for their birth month.

other personalization and expansion of the flower basis can be achieved by incorporating other creatures, such as bees or other symbolic insects, or designs such as mandalas, evil eyes, and the like.

You can use our design guide and top samples below to gain ideas for a special day flower tattoo design.

unique tattoo design of flowers for birth

Floriography, sometimes known as the “language of flowers,” is a technique for using or arranging flowers to create cryptographic messages.

Written records of the meanings that historical Egyptian,  Greek, Roman, even Chinese cultures ascribed to specific flowers exist.

It started in Turkey in the sixteenth century and reached its height in the mid-19th century, particularly during the Victorian era.

Sunflowers, for instance, gained immense popularity in the late 1800s because of their associations with joy, happiness, and longevity.

For the same reason, men’s tattoos frequently include it as well.


Even though January might be a dreary and gray month in various parts of the earth,flowers birth month tattoos  some chilly climates nonetheless support the growth of flowers. That is the use of carnations.

Carnations, sometimes referred to as Gillyflowers, are a symbol of distinction, affection, and attraction. Because of their romantic connotations, they are frequently given or worn on Mother’s Day.

They are so diverse in hue that each shade has a unique meaning.

The snowdrop, a typical sign of spring amid the snow-covered fields and backyards, is the second flower that represents January.

The origin of the snowdrop as a December flower actually dates back to the Bible. According to legend, an angel formed snowdrops from snowfall to give Adam and Eve some hope for surviving the long winter that seemed to last forever in the paradise of Eden.

With the help of their tiny heating system, these lovely little white blooms are able to thrive and melt the snow surrounding them.

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