Children’s Health℠ PM Pediatric Urgent Care Flower Mound

Pediatric Health ℠ PM Pediatric Flower Mound – the Health of Kids urgent care facility in Flower Mound
Children’s Health PM Paediatric Urgent Care has opened in Flower Mound as a result of a partnership between Children’s HealthTM and PM Pediatrics, the biggest provider of specialty pediatric medical services in the country. Children’s Health PM Pediatr Urgent Care Floral Mound treats common, non-life-threatening diseases in patients ranging in age from newborns to college students, and is open all of the time a year.

We continue to operate our offices with improved patient safety protocols.

This office provides blood, serum antibody, and fast antigen COVID-19 testing.
Only COVID-19 testing for youngsters and young adults is available in this office. In order to be evaluated for testing, please select one of the following options:

Come to any Children’s HealthTM PM Urgent Care location to get the recommended COVID test completed and to have one of our specialists evaluate you.

Use Prime Minister Pediatrics Telemedicine smartphone app to get evaluated.

obtainable from the Apple Store Google Play Store App for Android

The pediatric specialists conducting the testing adhere to the strictest safety regulations. The time it takes to receive results from PCR testing varies depending on the lab doing the testing.

Resources for PM Pediatrics: Career Opportunities

Amenities of the Notice for Privacy Practices
There are TVs in each exam room and kid-friendly décor throughout the Flower Mound site.

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