carpet-tech 41770 12st west “Rug Cleaning Services for Homes”

carpet-tech 41770 12st west does more than simply clean your rugs—we also take care of anything you can sit or walk on! Different fibers and fabrics require different methods of cleaning. Our IICRC professionals can safely and successfully clean any kind of rug, upholstery, or mattress at your house or in our facility because they are knowledgeable and experienced in this field.


Skilled and Specific Rug Cleaning

Rugs are an expensive item that can get damaged if not cleaned and maintained properly. There’s more to rug maintenance than just keeping them looking nice. It also involves getting rid of allergies that accumulate over time, mold, germs, and pet stains and odors. Whether your rug is made of wool, cotton, or silk, carpet-tech 41770 12st west specializes in delivering oriental and heirloom rug cleaning tailored to your particular rug style. We also clean nylon and synthetic fiber rugs.

Our professionals can follow a predetermined procedure and utilize a specialized cleaning method to deliver comprehensive and efficient cleaning thanks to our modern rug cleaning facilities. We thoroughly examine every rug to ascertain the most secure and efficient cleaning method, which may involve:

Using steam cleaning

Complete submersion Cleaning Dry Cleaning

You can be sure your area rug is in good hands when you leave it in the capable hands of Carpet Tech’s trained IICRC rug care specialist. Contact carpet-tech 41770 12st west professionals to arrange for rug service. Free on-site rugs estimates can be obtained from Carpet Tech. We will pick and restore your rug for free after cleaning if it is decided that it has to be thoroughly dried in one our cleaning facilities.

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