All the Justifications for Not craigslist cars for sale

Car dealerships are hated by many drivers because of the hefty markups and dubious salespeople. It used to serve as the only method to buy a new or previously owned automobile, but these days you can research automobiles online and schedule a delivery or pickup via email or over the phone. Even a brand-new Tesla may be bought straight off the corporate website.

eBay and craigslist cars for sale are two popular websites that customers use to avoid visiting to dealerships. When buying an automobile from a few of these websites, the buyer needs to watch pay attention to a few things. Craigslist offers a good selection of dependable vehicles, but it can also lead to scams.

Absent funding

The dealer can arrange up a finance plan if you buy a car from them, allowing you to pay for it over time in payments. Most of the time, craigslist cars for sale sellers demand payment in whole and in cash up ahead. You might need to obtain a bank loan if you wish to purchase a more costly vehicle. This may prove to be a challenging choice for a person with poor credit.

Not a driving test

As long as an agent is there, most dealers will allow you to test drive their cars. However, the likelihood of a private craigslist cars for sale vendor providing you with this option will be lower. There may be technical issues with even a brand-new, gleaming car that are only apparent when you drive. You should look for another car if the vendor won’t allow you test drive it.


This phrase describes used automobile dealers that attempt to pass for individual sellers in order to sell vehicles that they are unable to move off their lots. Regretfully, curbstoning is accepted as lawful as long as the dealer has a valid license. Thus, a lot of dishonest dealerships may get away with offering for sale cars that are in terrible condition.

There are a few telltale indicators that indicate curbstoning. See the title of the vehicle. There’s a strong possibility the vendor is attempting to con you if they decline or if the registration number is registered under a different name. It’s also possible that the car’s license plate is missing or from another state.

No history report for the car

Every used automobile from a respectable vendor will come with a vehicle history report. This record covers title transfers, accidents, and previous maintenance and inspections. A automobile may need more repairs down the road if certain parts wear out, even if it appears good after a few collisions.

It’s unlikely that a Craigslist vendor will have a thorough vehicle history record ready for you. Private sellers typically incur fees from CARFAX or AutoCheck, so few will take the time to get one. They might decide not to obtain one if their car has sustained significant damage. They might be curbstoning if they state they don’t know anything about the history of the car or that they’re selling it to someone else.


When it comes to car sales, private sellers may prove just as nasty as auto dealers. They can try to convince you to buy if you’re not sure by telling you a tale about how they can’t find work or how they’re lacking the money for an unexpected medical need. Aim to stay away from these sellers. Most of the time, they are either lying completely or embellishing.

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