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Sims can now better meet their needs before becoming uncomfortable because of their too-low motivations

** Base-Game Compatibility, but you must delete any packs you do not already own!

1. Greater Awareness of Needs
2. presently including (you can choose what to install).
3.Reference Materials for Edited Games
4. Tracking for Package Name
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Greater Awareness of Needs

Sims’ motivations were changed so that they would have:

Since their motives are at a level beyond the median, they have more freedom to meet their demands.

must degrade a little more slowly

more freedom to engage in enjoyable activities and social

In my game, I noticed that Sims often ate two to three meals a day.

Sims (from baby through elder) who have been saved and not in play mode will have a higher need increase and a lower need loss when you next encounter them.

Sims may now eat and sleep well on their own without needing to be told to.

So you can now concentrate on playing a tale or completing other objectives without worrying about your Sims going hungry or getting exhausted.

I experimented with it in the video game at both normal and super speed, and I’m pleased with the outcome.
Now including Baby Care (Base Game) (You can choose what to install): Being more aware of the needs of surrounding infants; experiencing less need loss and more need increase when reloading the family.

(Base Game) Bladder

Chat (compatible with the base game): Vampire socials have lower priority than other socials.

Cook And Find Food (Base Games Compatible): Making new meals is less important than grabbing food, and baking or making desserts is less important.

The base game’s energy

Need for Fun (Base Game)

Gardening (Base Game): Gardening has a little more autonomy.

Hobbies (Base Game Compatible): A little bit more independence for different hobbies

Insatiable (Base Game)

Because Mermaid depends on hygiene for hydration, hygiene (from the base game) also functions for Mermaid.

Less Dangerous Woohoo: Dangerous sites are given less emphasis.

Minor Needs: Thirst, Hand Hygiene, and Oral Hygiene (Base Game)

(Base Game) Nausea

NPC Caring (Base Game Compatible): Better demand care for invited sims and greater emotional autonomy for dates

Needs for pets (cats and dogs)

(Base Game) Plant Sim Water

Needs for Servo (University)

Works for any small pets and animals from the My First Pet Pack, as well as livestock from the Cottage Living Pack. SmallAnimalANDLivestockNeeds (Base Gameplay Compatible)

(Base Game) Social Need

Need for a Spellcaster (Realm of Magic)

Care for Toddlers (Base Game)

(Vampire) Vampire Needs

The Needs of the Werewolf


addon_MoreChoosing beds to rest more frequently in “BedSleep (Base Game)”

Reference Materials for Edited Games
Package Name Tracking Changelogs
Prior to downloading…
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