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1.What dangers arise from a car starting

2. without a key?

By whom is this technique used?

These days, owning a vehicle of your own is ideal as there are many various kinds of cars available, some of which are even more advanced than the others.

Another factor is  the constant struggle  since new technologies make the work easier for these people who “take over other people’s things.”

This modern convenience is one that we find easy to adjust to.

What dangers arise from a car starting without a key?

Despite the claims of numerous sectors that modern cars is safer than ever. Mexico and Brazil top the list of Latin American nations with the highest number of car thefts.

Another problem is that these people who “take over other people’s things” have to struggle since new technology make their jobs simpler. Many of the companies who make these auto brands contend that this is completely untrue, that contemporary cars are far safer, however, thieves will always find new ways to steal automobiles, and that the only way to partially eliminate theft is through technology.

The only request made of the automakers is to take greater accountability for utilizing new technologies like keyless entry. (Or not using a key)

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