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Educate First Using Roblox

Roblox offers educators captivating opportunities for children to explore, work together, and gain knowledge via artistic expression.

Why Use Roblox to Teach?

Standards Compliant
The global Roblox community is provided with curriculum standards-aligned, relevant, all game-based learning by Roblox partner schools and developers, who have an expanding educationbluesky.con  collection of immersive learning experiences that span grade levels and subjects.

Teacher Suggested

Teachers all throughout the world use Roblox Studio and the activities found in our Learn & Wonder category to spark their students’ creativity and help them visualize topics.

Minimalist Technology

Compatible with Student Devices
Roblox is accessible on a variety of gadgets, including educationbluesky.con  Xbox consoles, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. We will keep making investments in our cross-platform interoperability and support for devices with lower specifications by means of Roblox Community Fund.

captivating and engrossing

Improve your curriculum by including 3D learning opportunities that capitalize Robux on Roblox on the aspects of Roblox that students find most engaging: creativity, teamwork, and interpersonal communication.

“Roblox has the unique advantage of enabling children to see the educationbluesky.con results of their programming almost instantly.

Learning Opportunities
Roblox can be used to teach science, math, or history in a way that engages kids and encourages experimentation, play, and critical thinking. Explore our most well-liked learning opportunities.

Educate With Us
Would you like to collaborate with Roblox Education? Send us an email  to find out more about creating educational games on Roblox and utilizing Roblox Studio in classrooms.

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