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Yee naaldlooshii means “by using it, it goes through all fours” in the Navajo language.(Source: ) As one of several sorts of skin-walkers is Navajo culture, the yee naaldlooshii are likely the most frequent variety found in horror fiction for non-Navajo people; specifically, it is a type of ‘ánti’ġhnii.(Source: )

Traditional healers may study both evil and  skinwalker dog good magic in order to practise their good deeds and guard against evil. However, those who decide to become witchcraft are viewed as immoral.[/2][Needs pages]

The myth of the skin-walkers is little known outside of Navajo society for two reasons: first, people are reluctant to talk about it with outsiders [3], and second, according to academic Adrienne Keene of Cherokee Nation, there is a dearth of the essential cultural background that the stories are rooted on.[4] Skin-walker lore is something that traditionalist skinwalker dog  Navajo people are unwilling to share with non-Navajos or even bring up in conversation with individuals they don’t trust. In response to non-Navajos using the legends in their writing—and particularly the impact while J. K. ” Not at all. I apologise if that appears “unfair,” but that is the way our cultures continue to exist.”*[4]


Trickster animals like coyotes are typically connected to witchcraft, although other animals, typically those connected to death or terrible omens, may also be included. They may even walk round in the bodies of living people or animals.(5)(6)(7) Skinwalkers can be either gender.[/2]

The majority of non-Native interpretation of skin-walker stories are partial encounter stories that take place on the road, leaving the protagonist momentarily exposed before they manage to escape in a fashion that isn’t customary in Navajo storytelling.In [9]10] Navajo children may sometimes adopt European folktales and replace generic predators like The Hook with skin-walkers.In [9]

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