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digitalni marketing “What is DM and How Can I Get Started?

Digital marketing, also referred to as “online marketing,” is a type of advertising that establishes a connection with consumers through digital technology and the internet. The goal of digitalni marketing is the same as that of traditional marketing, but instead of using traditional media like print, radio, or television, it makes use of computers, cellphones, and other digital devices.

Continue reading to learn about the topic of digitalni marketing, its approaches, and the qualifications needed for a job in the field.

Digital marketing: what is it?

Online strategies are used in digital marketing to connect with both current and potential clients. Its goals are to promote products and services, raise brand awareness, and enhance sales, just like other marketing strategies.

As a result, year after year, advertisers have allocated a growing portion of their money to digital marketing. In 2022, digital advertising expenditures will make up 74.3% of all ad spending in the UK, and this percentage will continue to rise.

Five categories of digital marketing (illustrated)

Digital marketers use a variety of methods to establish connections with prospective clients. The following are still some of the most well-liked and effective digitalni marketing strategies in use today, and they are employed by both large and small organizations.

optimizing for search engines (SEO)

Goal of SEO and Backlinks.

raise the web content’s ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. If you’ve ever done a Google search, you’ve probably seen that even the most basic query can return millions of results. You seldom ever, however, likely look past the first few recommendations, let alone the following page.

Digital marketers utilize SEO to make sure potential buyers can actually locate whatever they are selling online in this congested industry. Typical approaches to SEO include the following:

content promotion:

material marketing is a strategy that involves producing unique material in order to establish a connection with a certain audience. Content marketing, as opposed to sales, usually aims to increase brand awareness by providing relevant content to a specific audience.

Across a variety of digital media platforms, content marketing may take many different forms, such as:

educational blogs and articlesunique videos Podcasts:

Email promotion:

Email marketing, as the name implies, reaches out to clients via email. To do this, marketers advertise deals, discounts, and new goods and services through punctual emails sent to huge groups of individuals who have subscribed to their contact list.
It’s evident how email marketing works. Email marketing accounted for 20% of the budgets of 59% of UK marketers in 2020. An additional 33% of marketers allocate up to 40% of their budget to this strategy.

Typical instances of email marketing include the following:

PPC advertising examples that are typical include:Banner advertisements that appear at the top or side of a webpage next to contentadvertisements on social media that show up in the posts of specific audiencesadvertisements that show up in a search engine, like Google, when a particular keyword is typed in

marketing on social media:

Social networking marketing is a type of digitalni marketing and targets consumers by using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media marketing, a fundamental component of contemporary digital marketing, uses data-driven strategies to reach specific consumers by utilizing the reach of social media platforms.

With one of the largest percentages of social media subscribers worldwide, the UK is one country where it is especially usual to use this technology. As a result of the nation’s internet penetration expanding quickly, 57.60 million people used social media in 2022 [5].
Through social media, one can contact a broad and specific audience of potential customers through desktops, handheld devices, or mobile apps.

Social media marketing examples include:Social media videos that are part of a bigger campaign, like this holiday music video from peanut business Planters with an 80s theme.Images shared on Instagram that embody a brand’s personality, like the images of nature on Patagonia’s Instagram account

In the UK, digital marketing is cited as a “job on the rise.” Due to its higher return on investment, firms relied more on digital marketing for reaching consumers during the pandemic than on traditional marketing budgets. Jobs in digital marketing increased by 52% in 2020.

How to work in digitalni marketing:

A solid understanding of business, communications, marketing, and digital technologies is typically required of digital marketers. One may find it advantageous if candidates completed an internship during their academic tenure.

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