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Hawaii Woman Pays $85 to Adopt a Shelter Dog


The Hawaiian Humane Society’s community relations director, Jacque Vaughn, told ABC News, “We got notices therefrom our fans on Fb only an hour or two before the adoption, indicating  craigslist oahu pets that a woman had posted a Craigslist ad, sporting the same cloth and the woman pictured in our Facebook post.”

The puppy needed a family that would provide her with the attention she needs, craigslist oahu pets  but “my boyfriend and I are [sic] caught up with business since we have two jobs each,” so it had to be sold. Kindly.

Rehoming an animal is legal, according to Vaughn, despite the fact that the act has  angered some people. The Humane Society requires adopters to sign a contract, but that wouldn’t stop prospective adopters form selling a dog.

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